Friday, March 4, 2011

Mayor Kennedy to get Throne

DPW Commissioner Jump Gunn had an epiphany as he hurdled through the earth after falling into a pothole at the corner of Alley and Commercial. "As I kept on falling through all those layers of rock and then the hot core of the earth I had a realization it was not very nice of me to take executive power from the administration during the state of emergency caused by this winter's storms," reported Commissioner Gunn at the press conference he held this morning after arriving back in Lynn from his ordeal. (Tomato correspondent Eclectic Prune reported earlier about Commissioner Gunn seizing power.)

When he finally made it through the earth to a small Chinese town just outside of Tibet, Gunn reports that he saw just what he could do. "There, at a little shop near the Chines pothole I came out of, it was. What better than a throne to help make the Mayor feel like a queen." Gunn continued. He told reporters that he would be sending a DPW crew over to install the above pictured "throne" in the mayor's office private bathroom tomorrow.

A source close to Tim Phalen says that the Council President is a little jealous and asked Dunn were he might purchase one to be installed in his bathroom at home.

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  1. perfect gift for the queen highness