Thursday, March 3, 2011

Damn Do-Gooders!

Sure when you do something interesting like dig up history about our city and make it accessible to wider group of people we guess you will get some good attention. Well I guess that is what those folks over at CSI: Lynn have done with their Lynn Daily Item article and the 493 people who like them on their facebook page.

We over here at the Tomato say Pah! Who cares about a silly little dusty old book written by a bunch of Lynn brats a 100 years ago. All that old stuff should stay hidden! We would not want any actual pride to set into this sinful city!

And we at the Tomato are not jealous at all. We know that our offerings of horribly written, deceitful and snarky comments about Lynn will win out eventually. 20 people like us . . . we think. And even if they have "liked" us on facebook for much of the same reason people slow down at the crash scene on the highway we will take them.

So CONGRATULATIONS CSI: Lynn for all your do gooder goodness.


  1. We should add that they got their start about the same time we did but we all know that size does not matter!

  2. Thanks for the laughs... spoken like true Lynn bred. lol

    I'm not as funny as you, being from Lynn... but I love Lynners w/ humor.