Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Attack of the Shopping Cart

As the snow recedes the metal contraptions are everywhere. As the winter progressed shopping carts have been abandoned from their intended use in carrying our cans of tomatoes, bathroom tissue, and recycled cans and bottles in the enormous snow banks that were all over the city.

Can collector Tim Khan complained "Have you ever tried to lug a shopping cart full of the cans and bottles people have littered in the streets over a 6 foot snowbank? It is impossible! I ditched my cart in mid-February."

The result is that there are shopping carts all over the place, in the gold fish pond, play grounds, Darren Cyr's garage, and they have become a real public safety issue.

Ward 8 Councilor Joey McBerlisconi pointed out "What? Should we be doing something about the actual trash in the city. The leftover Little Ceasars Pizza boxes, the Dunkin cups and bags and remnants of last nights dinner are not the real trash problem in this city. Its those damn shopping carts. They just get in the way and dent the paint job on my Toyota Forerunner." According to McBerlisconi the City Council is looking to increase the fine issued to markets from $2 to $2.50 per cart found. "We will likely take in $50 more dollars in fines annually," McBerlisconi added.

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  1. Sad but true. Keep up the good work, Tomato. I think it's rather pretty though, the reflection of the cloudy sky juxtaposed against the crippled shopping cart. I think you should submit this photo to TLGUTS.