Friday, March 25, 2011

Opinion: Lynn Schools Overcrowded and Assistant Superintendent for Staplers the Answer

We here at the Lynn Daily Tomato would like to commend Superintendent Lathum's forward thinking plan to address overcrowding in our elementary school classrooms. Clearly hiring a new Assistant Superintendent for staplers is the answer.

It is a brilliant move. With this new person in the school administration headquarters moving paper from one side of their desk to the other and making sure everyone is well stocked in staples and paper shredders it will give Superintendent Lathum more time to ponder the weighty issues of the day. A little breathing room in her daily life you might say.

We agree this is definitely the best way to spend $150 grand in salary and benefits, not to mention an additional $50 grand for a confidential secretary (because we all know the Lynn School Department is kind of like the CIA). And you cannot forget the car the city will need to buy this person. A brand new Cadillac Escalade should be the ticket.

We agree with Superintendent Lathum that this $200 grand should not be spent in other ways. What are a couple extra class room teachers, easing the size pressure in our schools, in comparison to the mental health benefits to you Ms. Lathum. We applaud you for caring so much for the kids by paying so close attention to your own needs. Kudos Lathum! Kudos!


  1. Teachers don't seem to appreciate how expensive they are, and often stand in the way of efforts to lower costs, and make education more cost-effective - imagine just how much money we can save through simple math, by increasing class sizes to 40 and 50 students, rather than the paltry national average of half this.

  2. I know! Our teachers are sooooo lazy and that poor Ms. Lathum is so obviously over worked. I saw her the other day she looked very tired. I worry about her.

  3. This is serious. No fact twisting. Really. No fact twisting. Latham lost it!

  4. I'm am glad that the Tomato is on the side of the students. I am sure that our children would rather have well stocked paper goods than elbow room