Monday, March 7, 2011

Profile: Lynn Daily Item Commenter jimmyinlynn

In today edition of our regular column about those who comment on Lynn Daily Item news stories we turn our jimmyinlynn. Jimmyinlynn is actually James Mayflower Prescott III of Marblehead. Mr. Prescott lives in one of those enormous mansions right on the ocean and works for a family owned hedge fund in Boston. The Mayflower in his name comes from the fact that his family actually owned the historical Mayflower of Pilgrim fame.

Mr Prescott is an avid follower of the working people blood sport known as Lynn City politics and the advent of the online addition of the Lynn Daily Item has allowed him to comment using the seemly Lynn working stiff handle of "jimmyinlynn." His other Lynn related past-time is borrowing his maid's car and going trolling for the ladies on Union St. at night.


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  2. We are on facebook. We currently have 42 "likes" You could be 43!