Monday, March 14, 2011

Lynn: Ya Bunch of Perverts

We decided to go trolling through our website stats today (Charlie Sheen style) to see who has been visiting us and what you like to read on our site. And by this morning we really mean three or for times a day. Anyways, we have found some interesting things:

First of all we seem to have a bit of an audience in Russia. привет (you gotta love Google Translate) my Russian friends. Are you actually interested in what we have going on here in Lynn or are you just trying to figure out how to hack our site. You can have what we have earned from adsense if you like. We have earned like .77cents so far. (to my readers start clicking on those ads, our Russian friends have kids to put through college.)

Secondly, Lynn you are a bunch of perves! I mean all we have to do is mention "Naked Ladies" or "Spotted Dicks" and our hits go through the roof. I guess we should not be surprised by this considering what comes up in "What People in Lynn Are Watching" recommended list on Netflix. I see "Kama Sutra" is up there right now. Any reviews?

Lastly the readers of love us! That site is is by far our biggest referral site.,, LynnsideEdition, LynnSchoolWatch, get on the ball! Now heartoflynn, besides wanting to save ad bunch of woods and a big rock do you and your readers have a bit of a pervy streak. Because the hits coming from your site would seem to indicate such.

Love Ya Lynn Lynn City of Sin! Keep up the pervyness!


  1. Maybe the "Heart of Lynn" should rename its blog to feature another body part. Just saying....

  2. LOL. I didn't think that many read my site, unless they come searching for 'duck crossings'. Hi to Russia!

  3. Stan,
    Someone wanted to make a skin calendar to raise money to save the woods. I guess they had a point.

  4. TG it's not a neutralizing place to live

  5. Skin calendar, now that what I am talkin about! Let us know and we will help promote it on the Daily Tomato!

  6. Tomatoes are sassy and a healthy diet.

    Why the tatty prune?