Thursday, March 24, 2011

Item Announces New Photo Spread Section

Lynn Daily Item photo editor Arnie Pretty announce today a new photo spread section for both the print and online version of the paper. The plan is to start with a photo spread called "Kennedy on the Crapper" which will feature pictures of of Mayor Kennedy taking a shit. "We just do not feel like we have done a very good job of taking flattering pictures of the Mayor" pointed out Mr. Pretty. He then referenced the photo that went with the March 24th Item front page article. "We feel that the photos of Ms. Kennedy on the can will be a dramatic improvement," Mr. Pretty continued.

Future editions will include "On the Beach" featuring the City Council in bikini briefs, "Fill'in Holes" featuring DPW workers filling pots holes and "Taken the Test" featuring school administration and school committee members attempting to take the MCAS test. All photo spreads will be available for public purchase in calendar formate with all proceeds going to Lynn Foundation. "It will show our city workers and politicians in a more intimate and positive light as well as raising money for important work in the city," Arne Pretty concluded excitedly.

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