Friday, March 8, 2013

Lynn Announces Snow Plowing Cost Saving Measures

In an effort to save money the City of Lynn announced today a new snow plowing plan for the city. "As of today all snow plow operators will drive around the City of Lynn during snow storms with their plows lifted at least one foot above the road," stated Lynn's snow czar Sammy "the snowman"McSpenderson in a press release today.

The statement went on to say that the reason for the having snow plow operators drive around with their plows up was to save on wear and tear on the plow blades. "We think this is a great idea," responded Billy Towner of Towner Roofing who has a plowing contract with the city. "Those things are spendy and this will save us a ton of money."

When asked by residents how the city expected to get the streets cleared with all the plows running with the their blades up McSpenderson replied "We think residents can shovel the streets themselves. In fact we are instituting a new $500 fine for people who don't shovel the street in front their house."

Funds collected for the new fine will go to pay new seat warmers in the City Council and Mayor's offices.