Monday, February 28, 2011

Profile: Lynn Daily Item Commenter HotMomma

Ever wonder who the people are behind the comments at the end of Lynn Daily Item "news" articles. Well we here at the Daily Tomato wonder the same thing. We have done some investigative reporting to bring you the truth about those who feel the need to comment on every little up and down of Lynn politics and along the way make snide comments about each other. Our first profile is of HotMomma.

It turns out that HotMomma is neither hot or a momma. He is actually Edward Nerdabacker III. Edward lives in the basement of his mom's house on Eastern Ave and can always be counted to be one of the first to comment on a story. This is likely because he has been up all night playing World of Warcraft where is avatar is the powerful sorceress Vixen. HotMomma can be regularly found railing against city hall and making fun of his fellow commenter on the Item webpage on almost a daily basis.

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