Saturday, February 19, 2011

Lynn School Committee Approves New Assistant Superintendent for Paper Shuffling

At this weeks meeting the Lynn School Committee approved the hiring of a new Assistant Superintendent for Paper Shuffling. The new position with a six figure salary and person confidential secretary will be responsible for moving paper from one side of their desk to another along with other unspecified tasks.

School Committee member Edie McAeded said of her vote approving the hire "Dr. Latham has been looking really tired recently. Those of us who voted in the affirmative have been really worried about her. I mean she has a whole lot of paper to shuffle around and it heavy. It is a lot more work then those lazy teachers with only 35 students in their classroom. Those classrooms could easily have 10 to 15 more students without causing more stress for the teachers."

There was also talk at the school committee meeting about purchasing an all expenses paid spa day in Cancun for Dr. Latham. However, the city lawyer indicated that might raise some eyebrows over at the State Attorney Generals Office.


  1. And when they're not shuffling papers, they're in meetings. Always meetings. I'd like to see a correlation between the amount of time in meetings, setting goals, discussing scores, or whatever else they talk about, to actual direct benefits to the students. We need boots on the ground (staff in classrooms).

  2. We can easily afford this new position if we buy surf boards instead of smart boards. I mean they both start with the letter "s" and the surf boards could be considered as an expansion of the physical education department.