Wednesday, February 23, 2011

DPW Receives Largest Fine From Inspectional Services Over Poor Snow Removal

During last nights City Council vote to make permanent new snow removal rules it was revealed that Inspectional Services leveled a $40,000 fine against the Department of Public Works for its poor snow removal during winter storms in December, January and February.

Asked about the large fine Inspector Marc Clouseau III, Director of Inspectional Services, said "Did you see Chathum St? It was essentially a one way street even after going to even side parking. And you have to feel for those down town Lynn loft dwellers. They had no where to park when they went to Turbine Wine Bar for Wednesday Trivia."

Leaving the Council meeting last night DPW commissioner Jump Gun could be heard mumbling "I will show you snow removal. Lets see you dig out of your house Mr. Clouseau when we dump your whole streets snow in your driveway!"

Asked what he with this new windfall for Inspectional Services the Director of Inspectional Services replied "I think my municipal license plate will look good on one of those new Cadillac Escalades."

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