Friday, February 18, 2011

After 84 hours of testimony Fortucci to stay . . . Kenney to flip her lid

The Lynn City Council listened, then listened some more, then asked some questions, then listened some more and then talked a little bit all covered live over Lynn public access TV. These hard working City Councilors strove to find the truth and nothing but the truth, working hard to serve the needs of hardworking Lynn taxpayers.

Ward 8 Councilor Joey McBerlisconi stated of the hearings "You know we were all just so tired of trying to figure out boring things like snow removal, fixing potholes and making sure our kids do not kill each other on the street. It is much more fun to watch a slug fest between the Mayor and one of her top department heads. It was great, we popped popcorn, mixed some energy drink cocktails and ask periodic obnoxious questions to egg them on."

The slug fest did seem a little long at times. At one point, during a particularly scintillating argument of the actuarial tables for cafeteria workers, Billy (remember the Alamo) Trahant seemed to doze off and Councilor Cahill was flicking spitwods in to Councilor Duffy's helmet hair.

Asked whats next after the whole Council voted to keep Fortucci Councilor McBerlisconi replied "honestly we all think Fortucci is incompetent but we decided to vote to keep him because we know there will be another inevitable blow up between him and the Mayor. Hopefully it will come when we are having to deals with budgets, economic development and all that other boring stuff they make us talk about."

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